Signifying nothing

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A comment on big law, big regulation, and big government

Americans in general don't realize the fear and loathing felt by international business towards America's legal and regulatory monsters. US residents and US jurisdiction are routinely shunned.

Obamacare will be cited for centuries as the locus classicus of big government at work with virtually unlimited time and money. But don't forget the even funnier case of the schizophrenic signer gesticulating in faux Zulu beside Obama and the other bigwigs at Mandela's funeral. The Obaman retinue floats down into South Africa aboard the Imperial Intergalactic Airfleet with redundant everything and bodyguards for the bodyguards; the NSA blankets the entire electromagnetic spectrum; humungous resources are applied to modest risks ...and yet...Monty Python never constructed a more hilarious scenario....the Grand Poobah of Cool doing his teleprompter thing to sanctify a dead terrorist, while the superbly distracting and distracted signer with violent hallucinations does his pc thing to show the world how inclusive of deaf Zulus are the Poobahs....signifying nothing, but signifying everything.


See also Steyn.


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